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4-5-14 Election Results

Sat. April 5, 2014 



Candidate Profile of Bob Tosi

ACMi Selectman Debate

LWVA Candidates Night Debate



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RALLY for Bob
Thanks to all who attended!
Sunday March 9th

Thank you for all that voted for Bob Tosi for Selectman.


Only 33 VOTES kept Arlington from getting someone new, Bob Tosi, in the Selectman Seat.  Someone with integrity and a fresh perspective.

Every vote really does matter since Bob would have been the newest Arlington Selectman if just a little over 1 additional voter in each precinct gave Bob a vote.  This is unbelievable, but true.

Bob did a fabulous job and ran a very respectable race.  He surprised many, but it was no surprise to the Team Tosi Supporters.  Bob Tosi topped the ticket in 7 precincts  just one precinct less than Dan Dunn and Bob also tied for first in precinct 21 with Dan Dunn.  Clearly people in Arlington are ready for change.  We were on the cusp of making that happen and this year Bob Tosi gave the voters a choice and made the incumbents have to work to get reelected. 

Bob Tosi: 3088 votes (32.7%) Won 7 Pcts, tied 1
Diane Mahon: 3121 votes (33.0%) Won 5 Pcts
Dan Dunn: 3226 votes (34.1%) Won 8 Pcts, tied 1

For those of you that voted for Bob, supported him, or helped the TOSI Campaign in any way,

Bob sends his deepest thanks and appreciation. 

Again, Arlington unfortunately lost by only 33 votes....  If you want Bob to run again in the future and be your voice to help Arlington then write to us and tell us how you can help be part of the solution.  Thanks!

Regards,  Lisa Tosi Sasso, Campaign Manager

Bob Tosi did not win this Selectman race, but he definitely is a winner in the eyes of so many Arlingtonians.  He fell only 33 votes short of the 2nd seat (an incumbent of 15 years) and 138 votes short of the top candidate (an incumbent and then Board Chair).   Bob came so very close against two incumbents.   

People will remember what Bob did and what he achieved against incredible odds.

Bob's Post Election Message published 4-17-14 in Arlington Advocate

I am honored by the tremendous support I received during my Arlington Selectman campaign.  Three thousand eighty-eight (3,088) cast your vote for me and I thank you.  We were just 33 votes short of securing a seat (or less than 1%).  This outcome shows Arlington desires a new, more inclusive approach to our town’s governance.  I have chosen not to challenge the outcome (via a recount) since I don’t believe it would change the final results and instead detract from the town business and ultimately cost the town time and money.

My candidacy forced a competitive Selectman race. The incumbents could not take their elected positions and most importantly you the voters for granted.  After I joined the Selectman race and stressed a more inclusive approach, both incumbents began responding to the people’s desire to be heard and respected.  I am pleased that Diane Mahon is considering offering office hours.  I congratulate both Diane Mahon and Dan Dunn as I want only the best for my beloved hometown.
The recent practice of elected officials endorsing candidates inappropriately influences the process of the people electing who they want to serve in office.   The Board of Selectmen needs to better represent the diversity of our residents and their issues.

I plan to continue my involvement in Arlington’s various civic and philanthropic activities.  Many have encouraged me to run again, pointing to President Lincoln losing twice for US senate before becoming President.  Lincoln lost a total of eight elections and faced many other losses in his life.  Please e-mail me at and let me know how you can help me to serve Arlington as a future Board of Selectman member.  I am willing to do the heavy lifting, but I need your help.  Visit  and sign up for updates or ways to get involved.

Thanks again for your support, from new and lifelong residents and from families to our seniors.   One supporter said he had planned to vote for me based on my debate responses, but talking to me in person secured his vote.  Please get to know me.  I look forward to continuing to hear your issues and serving you in the future.



The photo above has some of the people that attended Bob's Team Appreciation  Party (post election).  Bob has gained the respect of many people during his life and especially during this past election race this year.  Again, it is up to the people to share if they want Bob's representation in the future.  Calls and emails have already started coming in.



Welcome! Bob Tosi is a passionate, driven, lifelong Arlington resident. Bob is the consummate public servant and truly gives of himself every day both at work and in all of the civic, fraternal and religious organizations that he is actively involved in.

Bob is different. He wants to hear from you. Bob wants to know your thoughts, issues, concerns and suggestions for Arlington. Please take a minute to email Bob directly. Share with him if you are in support of his running for this important position and also what is on your mind regarding Arlington. Bob is working for the people and encourages people to reach out to him.

The 4 words that clearly identify Bob correlate nicely to his last name TOSI. When you think of Bob remember:

Trustworthy Open Sincere Involved

Support Over Generations
Invested in Our Children
Leader on Senior Issues
Voice for the People

Bob will work hard to support all the people of Arlington. He is committed to education and maintaining the best town school system available. Bob supports keeping, renovating and maintaining all seven elementary schools. Education of our children is a top priority.

He is equally devoted to serving the needs of our seniors. Bob recently served on The Arlington Council on Aging Board and was the Chairman for three years. He continues to advocate for long term planning that could provide a more appropriate senior center space for our residents who have sacrificed all their lives. Bob also understands the fiscal constraints facing families today and wants to ensure all of these goals are achieved within our means.

Bob's desire is to be an Arlington Selectman so he can give back and serve Arlington in an even bigger way. He wants to leverage his 27 years as a Town Meeting Member, 12 years as a Finance Committee member as well as his experience gained working in other town organizations to improve the overall quality of Arlington. Please see Experience page for a complete listing of Bob's contributions to the various civic, fraternal and religious organizations.

Please don't leave this website without either sharing an Endorsement about Bob or sharing an issue or problem that you want to see raised or addressedDon't be afraid to share your thoughts as well as possible solutions, It is vital for Bob to hear from Arlington residents so he can really understand their concerns.

Bob Tosi is the Candidate that wants to hear from you!

Bob spoke about his candidacy at ACMi Studios on February 25th, 2014

Watch the Candidate Profile of Bob Tosi

Bob participated in the Selectman's Debate at ACMi Studios on March 6th, 2014

Watch the ACMi Selectman Debate

Bob participated in the LWVA Candidates' Night on March 20th, 2014

Watch the LWVA Candidates Night Debate

Thank you to the over 100 supporters who attended my Meet and Greet Campaign Rally on March 9th, 2014.

Supporter with Bob at Rally

Bob and his family at his Rally at the K. of C.

Other pictures and video are on the Events page.

Dear Friend:

I am writing to inform you of my decision to run for the Arlington Board of Selectman.  As a lifelong resident of the town, I have witnessed the many changes that have affected the character of our community.  I am encouraged by the dedication of those who serve our community and know first-hand that it is not acceptable to simply sit on the sidelines and complain about issues; we have to take a stand and take action. 

Those who know me understand that my approach has always been to dive into an issue, and try to be part of a solution.  This is clearly demonstrated through my community service including 27 years as a Town Meeting Member, 12 years as an Arlington Finance Committee member, 20+ years as a volunteer for Arlington Seniors (3 years as Chair of Council on Aging Board), 10+ years as a volunteer for the Arlington food pantry, and 20+ years of active involvement with the Knights of Columbus (Past Grand Knight).

Now I am asking for your support.  The Board of Selectman is Arlington’s official governing body, a place where the voice of the people needs to be heard.  Being exposed to (and active in) numerous community organizations, I have listened and learned about how they serve to improve our lives.  Knowing what it takes financially to run our Town gives me a unique perspective about the constraints faced and decisions that need to be made.  Working with the frail and needy in our community, both in my professional and personal life, humbles me.

It is critical that the people of the community have confidence in their leaders.  It is not my place to make promises about changes, or even attempt to forecast how the next few years will shape our future.  What I can commit, however, is that my life is guided by a moral compass that dictates it is not acceptable to stand by and watch.  Becoming involved, at all levels of our community, is the only decision that yields results.  And when problems arise, and issues challenge what we believe is right, we have to come up with a way to work through them together.  The Board of Selectmen offers me (and the entire community) that opportunity, and it is one that I am ready to take on.

I have lived in Arlington for over 40 years and am a proud product of the Arlington School System.  My passion and dedication to Arlington and its citizens is evident to all who know me.  You are welcome to attend my meet and greet campaign rally on Sunday, March 9th from 2-5 pm at the Arlington Knights of Columbus.  I want to share my hopes and vision for our community and to hear your ideas as well. 

Please help me continue to serve you with one of your two votes for Selectman on Saturday, April 5th.  If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me at or 781-646-8120, or visit



Robert L.Tosi, Jr.
Candidate for Arlington Selectman